Wow Art

My art hobby was born two years ago in Stockholm and currently it has grown into a small business which i’m glad to share with you.

I am specialized in drawing graphics and mandalas, create decorations for the interior and make tutorial videos for those who want to improve their drawing skills.

In my artworks I always use different techniques and do not adhere to a single style, I like to mix and experiment, each of my artwork is unique to me and made with love. Each of my artwork is a meditative and all-consuming process. Mandalas are like a wheel of life balance, in which all parts are in balance and harmony.

This meditative drawing taught me one important philosophy. when you draw symmetry by pens you cannot be absolutely accurate, like a machine, and somewhere inaccurate lines or uneven patterns can come out, you can’t fix it and you can only learn from it. But when you look already at the completed whole beautiful artwork you recognize that there were no mistakes along this path. The whole picture looks amazing. Everything that was drew made your artwork unique and gave it its character. As in our life: there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.